Introducing… “ByJohnSmith’s 15 Favourite Football Matches Of The Decade.”

You’ve just got to love the catchy headline. 

The 2010s have been a sensational decade for football. We’ve seen arguably the greatest team of all time, two of the all-time greats dominate around the world, and underdog stories that will last a lifetime.

Starting this Friday, I’ll be ranking my 15 personal favourite football matches from across the decade that should conclude on the 27th of December. That is… unless University work disrupts this schedule. I’ve been planning this series for quite a while now and I’m excited to see the responses to it.

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Is the implementation of VAR at the women’s World Cup a step in the right direction?

Football is changing. From an increase in support across the globe, to technological advancements being made; the beautiful game as we know it is on a steady path to a bright new future. While we are not quite at the stage of robotic referees, lasers for linesman or mobile drones, the overall state of football has experienced drastic, yet crucial, changes in the last few years.

The next stop on this path is to try to make women’s football a fairer game. Thanks to the success of goal line and video assistant referee (VAR) technology in men’s football, FIFA has confirmed that VAR technology will be implemented at the women’s World Cup, in France, this summer.

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