The impact of cinematic music in video games in the eighth generation

When Jared Emerson-Johnson played Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, an adventure game by American publisher LucasArts, he realised his life-long dream of becoming a music composer in gaming. “That was the gateway for me and it made me realise there are people doing really interesting work in this industry,” he says.

While sound has always featured in video games, the industry has experienced a major turnaround with cinematic music now playing a fundamental role in many single-player games. The eighth generation, a term used by fans to describe the current consoles on the market including the PlayStation 4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch, has played a big role in this.

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Inside the world of a soon-to-be billion dollar industry.

When Harry Thomas decided to retire at the age of 28, life became a challenge. His awareness was declining, his reaction speed was decreasing, and he was losing his killer instinct. “It was extremely hard and upsetting for me to leave behind a 14 year legacy of doing what I love,” says Harry.

This was the reality for a veteran in the esports industry.

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