About Me

Yes, my name is actually John Smith. Completely original, I know.

Welcome to my official website! After writing for a variety of different websites in the last few years, I decided to create this site to put all of my writing work together and to try and build my own platform.

Currently, my writing work mostly revolves around football and gaming – two of my biggest passions. However, I am interested in expanding and writing about completely different topics.

Additionally, I launched my own YouTube channel where I present my own videos and, on occasion, publish my reactions to different videos games. I decided to create this channel to have an alternative platform where I can do whatever I want with it. I love being able to talk about a particular subject without the constraint of writing it down.

If people are able to learn something or are intrigued about what I write or can even find laughter and happiness in the videos that I create, that’s just an added bonus for me.

In September, I will be starting my third year of studying Journalism at City, University of London. I decided to study Journalism at this level in order to grow and enhance my skills as a journalist to better prepare myself for the future.

If you have any further questions, you can get in contact with me here