About Me

Yes, my name is actually John Smith. Completely original, I know.

Welcome to my official website! A platform that I have successfully built for myself where I essentially write about whatever’s on my mind. On this website you will find all of my recent written work, typically about subjects that I am most passionate in.

Currently, I am in my second-year of University where I study Journalism. While I could have followed a different path, I decided to study Journalism at this level in order to grow and enhance my skills as a journalist to better prepare myself for the future.

After writing for a variety of different websites as well as for separate blogs over the last few years, I finally decided to put all of my work together and begin to build my own platform.

In addition, I recently launched my very own YouTube channel where I typically present my own videos and, on occasion, publish my reactions to different games. It’s nice to have an alternative platform where I can do whatever I want with it. I love being able to talk about a particular subject without the constraint of writing it down.

If people are able to learn something or are intrigued about what I write or can even find laughter and happiness in the videos that I create, that’s just an added bonus.

If you have any further questions please get in contact with me using the link above!