Five modern classical musicians that broke into the mainstream

It’s time to give them the appreciation and recognition that they deserve.

Their creativity is immaculate, their performing ability is second to none, and their contributions to the music industry are severely underrated.

Watching Russian violinist Anna Kuzmina deliver a classical performance at the Moustache Bar in Dalston highlighted how difficult it can be for some people to break out in such a challenging industry. Considering the amount of work and dedication they put in, we should all do more at praising the efforts of classical heroes.

5) Alma Deutscher

It’s still hard to believe that Alma Deutscher is just fourteen years of age. She has released multiple albums, performed all over the world, and even wrote her own full-length opera.  At that age, most people tend to struggle with school or their exams yet the English composer has overcome the obstacles and is excelling at her dreams. It’s no surprise that she has been named as one of 12 ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’ by the German magazine Stern, she’s definitely someone we should look up to.

4) Vanessa-Mae

Vanessa-Mae has never been one to shy away from a challenge. It’s one reason why she was so successful in the noughties. From being named the wealthiest entertainer under the age of 30 to being rewarded with a Guinness World Record, you’d think she wouldn’t be able to achieve anything higher in her life. But, nothing can stop Vanessa-Mae from achieving whatever she sets her mind to. To try and accomplish something completely different, she even traded her bow for a pair of skis to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

3) Paul Potts

Many people tend to forget one crucial instrument: the vocal cords, and Paul Potts is better at using them than most people – remember him? Once, he was an employee at Carphone Warehouse but now he is a world-famous operatic singer. Potts rose to fame in 2007 after winning the first series of Britain’s Got Talent. He captured the nations’ hearts through his performances and his victory helped cement his impact in the industry, going on to release multiple albums.

2) Ludovico Einaudi

If you’ve ever watched a motivational video on YouTube, chances are you’ve listened to one of Ludovico Einaudi’s compositions. The Italian musician has worked with a variety of genres in the past but his cinematic compositions are pure gold. Some of his songs like ‘Nuvole Bianche’ and ‘Una Mattina’ are exactly what we need to create a peaceful state of mind. They’re the type of songs that everyone should listen to when they feel down.

1) Andre Rieu

You must watch at least one of Andre Rieu’s live performances in your life. Every year, the 70-year-old tours parts of the world performing different songs from ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ to ‘Maastricht’s Volkslied’ with his orchestra, the Johanna Strauss Orchestra. His performances generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue and they are always received positively by critics. His tours in 2018 alone generated more $55 million in revenue. Overall, no classical musician has had a bigger impact on the music industry in the 21st century than him. We could all do more to appreciate his work.

Thumbnail image captured by: ByJohnSmith

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