Five additions EA should make to Pro Clubs in FIFA 20 and beyond

It’s the game mode that has helped create many memorable moments in the past and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Despite being around for approximately a decade, FIFA’s Pro Clubs game mode hasn’t experienced the same amount of major changes in comparison to their other big game modes in Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

It’s time for a change. Pro Clubs has so much unlocked potential and it’s time for EA to make the most of this. There are so many different ways in which EA can alter or improve the current state of Pro Clubs and today I’ll be sharing five things I would like to see added to Pro Clubs in FIFA 20 and beyond…

5) Microtransactions

Please don’t exit this article right away and just let me explain.

I don’t think anyone actually wants to see microtransactions implemented into Pro Clubs which is why it’s positioned here. However, if EA decided to implement microtransactions into Pro Clubs, it could help prove to them that the game mode is worth a lot more investment in future.

At the moment, FIFA points are only used in Ultimate Team to purchase silver, gold, or special packs but I’d like to see changes made where these points are more widespread across the game.

For obvious reasons, the microtransactions on offer shouldn’t give players a competitive advantage in any way but it would help players do more with their in-game money. Like we’ve seen from other video games like Fortnite, introducing microtransactions to the game would be beneficial for all parties if implemented correctly.

The EA catalogue that’s available is pretty wasteful at the moment and changes need to be made. Regarding Pro Clubs, the catalogue could be transformed into a market hub where players can purchase customisable items such as exclusive celebrations and tattoos for your pro player or even the ability to use old Premier League kits for your team.

As I said previously, if the implementation of microtransactions was successful, it could be the start that Pro Clubs desperately needs to receive significant, and much-needed, improvements in the future.

4) Challenges

It’s surprising how some ideas seem so simple yet beneficial at the same time.

Whether you’re a drop-in match player or you help your team to the Division 1 title every week, every single Pro Clubs player needs more goals to work towards. As fun as the game modes on offer can be, playing consistently can also get quite repetitive at times too.

The implementation of challenges can give players both short and long term goals to strive towards which in response can arguably help make the game more fun and rewardable for the players.

Challenges can follow the Ultimate Team model of giving players different things to do each day and week respectively while also offering different rewards depending on the difficulty and time of the specific challenge.


Also, as you can see above, introducing lifetime challenges would be a fantastic way of rewarding Pro Clubs most dedicated players. While most of these challenges will obviously be difficult to achieve, especially in the short-term, it would be a great way to keep players playing Pro Clubs which will then result in them also being rewarded for their dedication to the game.

Elsewhere, challenges could also be implemented into the seasons game mode where teams get rewarded through each promotion. Rather than make every stadium and kit available from the very beginning, it would be interesting to see teams work their way up through the ranks and be rewarded for their progression.

3) Training Mode

Introduced to Career Mode back in FIFA 16, the training mode was a fantastic and innovative way to help improve players at their club. While it would take quite a long time for the results to show, implementing a training mode would be a fantastic way to improve the AI players that are a part of Pro Clubs.

In my opinion, it can be quite annoying when you’re in the higher divisions and playing alongside players that are significantly lower in terms of stats. Also, it’s these players that are most prone to making the errors that can cause a defeat.

If a training mode was implemented, the manager/s of the team could have control over which AI players play for the club, choose their most suitable position, monitor their training and choose what aspects of their game needs to be improved on.

Also, to try and prevent the mode from getting too overpowered, it would be useful if there was some sort of schedule implemented for training sessions to occur or set a timer for training to take place once a day.


2) More game modes

I’m surprised I even have to say this, but Pro Clubs is severely lacking in game modes. While the drop-in, season, and cup match modes are all fun in their own ways, I think there needs to be more available for both the solo and team players to do over on Pro Clubs.

For example, given the popularity of co-op seasons, it would be interesting if a separate mode was implemented for both solo and team players where you play as actual teams rather than Pro Clubs teams and are also given the option of playing as your pro. Imagine a 6v6 North London derby.

Elsewhere, given the recent announcement of Volta football in FIFA 20, we desperately need to see five a side Pro Clubs mode introduced in FIFA 21. I’ve seen so many people say they want a new FIFA Street game and Volta football is the first step in the right direction. Hopefully, we’ll see a Clubs version of Volta, if so then it will be worth the very long wait.

Additionally, an arena mode needs to be implemented. Introducing such a mode can offer so many new and different possibilities for the players. When waiting for friends to join, you can simply fool around in the arena and have some fun. Meanwhile, when everyone is around, the arena mode would be a great way for players to try out different ways of playing clubs. Perhaps there’s a particular corner or free-kick tactic you want your team to master or maybe you want to introduce a specific plan for what to do if you concede.

It’s simple but adding more game modes to Pro Clubs makes the game even more fun for everyone involved.

1) More customisation

It’s probably the most obvious idea yet, but we simply need more customization options available in Pro Clubs.

While EA has seemingly tried to make the mode feel as realistic as possible, I’d love for them to just take a step back and let players have more fun when it comes to creating their pro player. As we’ve seen with the Journey, there are so many customisation features that can be introduced which will allow players to create the most unique pros possible.

Tattoos, different hair colours, more creative hairstyles, and even player faces would all be great additions to the customisation side of the game. Also, instead of allowing it to happen through specific glitches, it would also be great if players had the choice of wearing trousers or a helmet on their pro if they wish to do so – regardless of their height or their position.

Also, considering how frequently face scanners are used in other video games, introducing the feature to Pro Clubs would be such a fantastic yet simple way of letting players essentially play as themselves in the game.

Apart from player customisation, introducing an online editor would be a prominent feature as it would give players more freedom to create the most unique teams and players possible. There are so many different elements that can be customised from kits to badges to stadiums and the overall game would feel even better if players had this freedom.

There are so many different possibilities available when it comes to improving Pro Clubs and in my opinion, EA simply needs to be doing so much more to help make the
overall game a more rewarding and memorable experience for everyone playing.

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