Ranking EVERY character in Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

It’s been nearly a month since Telltale’s The Walking Dead reached its conclusion so I thought I’d write a list ranking EVERY single character that has appeared in the core franchise – so characters from the Michonne series will miss out.

If a character has said something or has had some sort of impact on the narrative then they will be included somewhere in the list. I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anyone though because trying to rank 131 different characters was pretty difficult and long at a variety of stages.

Here is your official warning that from here on out everything you read is based on my own opinions. My opinions are not wrong and there’s a high chance you’ll disagree with at least one of my decisions. But anyways, let’s get to it…


131 – Bonnie

Bonnie is the absolute worst character in this franchise. She’ll flirt with a married man, abandon your group and she’s forced Clementine to do multiple things she didn’t want to do – which in some cases nearly results in her death. Worst of all she determinately gets Luke killed due to her own stupidity. There isn’t a single character out there that’s as bad as Bonnie.


130 – Badger

The apocalypse changes a lot of people for obvious reasons but I’m pretty sure Badger has always been a psychopath. His character wasn’t written that well, in my opinion, and he was a constant nuisance throughout. Knowing that he was apart of the raids and also watching him gloat about killing Mariana puts him just one spot off last. He was truly evil.


129 – Arvo

It’s everyone’s favourite. Sarcasm aside, his poor development in the last two episodes and his decision to shoot and nearly kill Clementine puts him here.


128 – Danny St John

Starved for Help is arguably the best episode in the entire franchise and I definitely think all three members of the St John family were written well. However, their actions in the episode were disturbing and disgusting. Out of the trio, Danny was easily the worst, some of the things he said in the episode were horrifying.


127 – Troy

Similarly with Badger, Troy is another character who just seems perfectly suited to this world. It seems like he has no emotions and is obsessed with violence.


126 – Danny

There’s a reason he was going to jail and that’s the reason he’s here.


125 – Andy St John

Another member of the St Johns and this time it’s Andy! I guess you could just go back to what I said about Danny and some of it applies here. His fight with Lee in the rain was amazing.


124 – Michelle

She killed Omid.


123 – Brenda St John

Once again, I could basically repeat what I said about her sons.


122 – Eleanor

Eleanor was similar to Bonnie but I guess she wasn’t as bad. Her decision to abandon the group YET DECIDED TO BLAME US FOR TRIPP’S DEATH was frustrating.


121 – Mike

I actually really liked Mike in season 2 but his complete character shift in the finale was pretty poor. He left Clementine and AJ to die so he can stay near the bottom.


120 – Dorian

We never got a reason to care for her and she potentially chops off Louis or Violet’s finger. 


119 – Randy

He lies to Clementine about having a weapon and he steals from her and Jane, enough said.


118 – Patricia

She steals from Clementine and Jane, enough said.


117 – Joan

I was never a fan of hers and I thought she was written quite poorly. Her role as a villain never made a lot of sense to me and that Tripp vs Ava choice was annoying.


116 – Nate

Wasted. Potential. I loved Nate’s character in 400 Days. He was psychotic, like with Badger and Troy, but his character seemed interesting and I wish we got to learn more about him. He was never intimated and it seemed like he could never trust anyone. I wish Nate appeared elsewhere in the franchise.


115 – Sullene

She’s basically Dorian but with a little development.


114 – Natasha

Arvo’s group was pretty pointless given what happened after the episode 4 finale, Natasha was the worst.


113 – Vitali

Basically the same as what I said with Natasha.


112 – Buricko

It’s the same, again. Buricko looked pretty cool and he sounded threatening. Bonus points, I guess?


111 – Lonnie

A really annoying character.


110 – Eli

Even though he seemed like a bad guy, I did feel bad for Eli considering Clementine just shot him in the face.


109 – Ralph

He potentially killed Christa.


108 – Winston

He chases and tries to capture Clementine.


107 – Victor

He, too, could’ve played a part in Christa’s death but I felt a little sorry for him at the end of the first episode.


106 – Rufus

Rufus basically plays no real role in A New Frontier apart from being part of the group.


105 – Marcus

Tried to kill Jerry because he wanted the windows to be opened.


104 – Jerry

Started an argument with Marcus because the windows couldn’t actually be opened.


103 – Clyde

Terrible at his job.


102 – Bennett

Honestly, it’s hard to rank pointless characters like Bennett.


101 – Michael

He seems terrible at his job too, I have no idea how he didn’t notice Clementine and didn’t pay attention to her voice either.


100 – Vernon

I was never a big fan of Vernon back in season 1. He was a pretty annoying character, a poor leader, and most importantly a boat thief. It was nice that he was able to help Omid but it was annoying how he tried to take Clementine.


99 – Roberto

He hardly plays a role in 400 days but Roberto is a nice example of the danger of trusting someone in this universe.


98 – Travis

Foolish, annoying, and he has the worst death in the entire franchise.


97 – Bob

He doesn’t even have a paragraph worth of lines.


96 – Gina

She really shouldn’t have been trusted with a gun.


95 – Johnny

It’s hard to care about a character that had less than 5 minutes of screentime.


94 – Stephanie

I liked Stephanie but there’s no forgiving her for trying to steal and escape with her group’s supplies.


93 – Brie

Brie was a pretty nice character and knew what to do in order to survive. But for some reason, I just found her really annoying.


92 – Gad

Like with Johnny, it’s hard to care a lot about a character that was barely featured but his voice actor did a great job for his few lines.


91 – Hank

Not a lot to say about him.


90 – Boyd

Out of the three remaining survivors of Vernon’s group, Boyd seemed the most pointless.


89 – Clive

Again, Clive was a pretty pointless character. But he seemed a tad smarter than Boyd.


88 – Joyce

She learns from the experience with Lee’s group and doesn’t want to repeat previous mistakes.


87 – Dr. Logan

Like with most characters in this section, Logan barely features in the game but it was nice to see him try to help Anna.


86 – David

Less annoying than Travis.


85 – Walt

I felt bad for him and his wife.


84 – Gill

One of the very few characters to survive the wrath of Clementine’s hat. Congrats, Gill.


83 – Justin

I really liked Vince’s story in 400 days and Justin was a pretty cool character on the bus.


82 – Anna

I thought it was pretty cool watching the clips in Crawford and Anna seemed nice.


81 – Hector

I liked some of the flashback scenes in A New Frontier and Hector seemed cool.


80 – Roman

He seemed like a decent leader but it’s a shame he wasn’t built on in 400 days.


79 – Yonatan

I really wish we got to see more of Yonatan in the game.


78 – Dr Lingard

I don’t know what it is with doctors but Dr Lingard wasn’t exactly an outstanding character in A New Frontier. Unreliable, often annoying, and you could argue he wasn’t even that good at his job.


77 – Larry

I think a congratulation is needed for Larry for being the first character I properly hated in the game. He was far too bossy and aggressive and while his treatment towards Lee was sometimes justified, I would’ve loved to see his character develop where he defends Lee a bit more depending on choices in the first episode.


76 – Lloyd

This dude appears for only a minute but what a minute that was. Lloyd’s voice actor did a fantastic job and his whole appearance with the fire looked amazing.


75 – Irene

Irene was a really good character. Her presentation made it really difficult to decide whether or not we gave her the gun.


74 – Fern

I felt really bad for Fern after David snapped her arm.


73 – Helen

She protected AJ with her life.


72 – Andre

You’ll only meet him depending on your first big choice, but Andre was the worse of the two options.


71 – Jolene

She deserved so much better.


70 – Dee

She should’ve been treated a lot better by Leland and Bonnie.


69 – Mrs Garcia

She was really nice and to be honest I think it’s good that she basically escaped the apocalypse. Knowing that she was going to die was pretty sad though.


68 – Carlos

The doctors in the apocalypse that we’ve seen are atrocious and the same applies to Carlos. How on earth can you call yourself a doctor yet not know the difference between a dog bite and basically a human bite? Easily the worst character from the cabin group.


67 – Becca

Not much to say other than her being annoying.


66 – Shel

Liked her story, seemed cool, not much else to say.


65 – Leland

A pretty cool and nice character but I didn’t like how differently he decided to treat Dee and Bonnie.


64 – Hershel

I wish we got to see more of Hershel in the game but the 20 or so minutes we saw of him were pretty good. He played a big role in forming the group and also helped save Lee.


63 – Vince

Here’s another standard 400 days description of a character. Vince was cool, I liked his story, wish we got to see more of him.


62 – Mark

His death was probably one of the most horrific in the entire franchise.


61 – Max

While he was a part of the raids like with Lonnie, I liked Max. He was a pretty funny character and there were times where he seemed like a good guy but on the wrong side.


60 – Shawn

Shawn deserved so much better. It’s so annoying that you literally couldn’t do anything to save his life back in episode 1.


59 – Clint

Clint was probably one of the more likeable members of the New Frontier quartet and I really wish we got to see more of him in season 3. The way he was written out of the finale if he’s still alive was really stupid though.


58 – Russel

Another 400 days character with the same description.


57 – Nick

I liked parts of Nick’s character development in season 2. He starts by being a frustrating character but as you learn more about him you begin to feel sorry for him a bit. However, him murdering Matthew combined with his determinant death in episode 4 were so annoying to play through.


56 – Sarita

Sarita just didn’t seem to fit in with the apocalypse and she’s nothing more than a background character really.


55 – Wyatt

I must say I absolutely loved Wyatt’s story in 400 days. I thought his story was the best in the DLC and again he seemed like a really cool character.


54 – Tavia

I love how she linked the 400 days group to Carver’s group and it was nice that we at least got to see her for a bit in season 2.


53 – Francine

She was pretty nice. It’s a shame her only purpose in the game was to die.


52 – Sarah

Annoying, frustrating, and just not suited to the apocalypse. I really wish we got to see Clementine teach Sarah more about the new world but it just wasn’t meant to be. Like with Nick, the way she was determinately written out in episode 4 was really poor. Her, first death was absolutely horrifying when playing for the first time. That “Clementine” line still gives me chills.


51 – Reggie

He created one of my favourite memes to come out of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Thank you for your service, Reggie.


50 – Matthew

The five or so minutes Matthew got in episode 2 were incredible. He was a funny and nice guy and a breath of fresh air.


49 – Chet

We don’t talk about what happens if you choose to leave at night. Legend has it that Chet enjoys hot dish night to this very day.


48 – Brody

I thought Brody was a fantastic one-episode character in The Final Season. I love how she was a happy yet very complex character and her mental insecurities because of her involvement with the raiders was handled very well. Usually, I’d say a character deserved more but that’s not the case with Brody, she served her purpose and her death was horrific yet fantastic at the same time.


47 – Gabe

Ah, here we are. One of the most controversial characters in the entire franchise. I’m going to be honest, I actually liked Gabe. I like how we got to see his determination to become more like Javi, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was so annoying too. Honestly, as far as characters go, Gabe is up there as one of the most annoying in the franchise. I wish Mariana lived instead.


46 – Omar

Ah, the “meme king” of the final season. Thank you for your service, Omar.


45 – James

What a disappointment. I loved James when we were introduced to him in episode 2. But, as the final two episodes came and left he just became a really frustrating and hypocritical character. He’ll tell Lilly that she forces her ways onto others, but James will do the EXACT SAME THING to Clementine and AJ. The fact that he essentially prefers walkers to humans is annoying too. I know a lot of people love James but I really wish his character arc ended differently.


44 – The Stranger

I loved the way the Stranger’s story came full circle in the game. If it wasn’t for Lee’s group stealing his supplies, then Clementine would’ve never been captured and Lee would have never died. The altercation between the Stranger and Lee in the final episode of season 1 was fantastic, but I wish we got to see a little bit more from him.


43 – Glenn

It was cool that we got to see some of the comic characters in the video game and I really did like Glenn’s cameo.


42 – Kate

Kate’s a weird one. I enjoyed her character arc in A New Frontier and her relationship with Javi – regardless of the relationship or friendship path. However, it’s the flashbacks that make me dislike her as a character since for years there are hints of her being unloyal to David, and when you call her out on it she’ll then try to defend herself. She was strange.


41 – Eddie

Here we are. The final character from 400 days. I love the fact that we got to see him again at the McCarroll Ranch. Eddie was great and absolutely hilarious.


40 – Salvador

He technically doesn’t even feature in The Walking Dead since he died on the day of the outbreak, but the flashbacks in A New Frontier presented Salvador as a really cool person.


39 – Katjaa

She was one of the original characters and Katjaa was decent, I guess. She didn’t really have any standout moments when she was alive but she was likeable and a vital part of the group. Her death was really surprising too.


38 – Ava

I liked the way her character developed depending on how you treated her as Clementine. However, she deserved a significantly better exit.


37 – Mariana

I’ve already said it, but Mariana should have lived. Unlike Gabe, Mariana wasn’t actually annoying and I really liked the brief relationship she had with Javi.


36 – Molly

What a cool and unique character. I loved the mystique and uniqueness about Molly and I actually love how her fate remains unknown to this very day. She’s the type of character whose exit is perfect since there are so many interesting explanations for what happened to her.


35 – Willy

A pretty fun and likeable character with some cool moments here and there. Also, he literally helped blow up a boat.


34 – Tenn

He just didn’t belong in this world. Similarly, with James, I loved Tenn in the first two episodes but he dropped off significantly in the final two episodes. He was really nice and caring but he was also a massive liability to the group. It was annoying when he got Mitch killed and it was frustrating to know that his decision led to the determinant death of Violet or Louis.


33 – Lilly

I’m so happy we got to see the return of Lilly in The Final Season and the pay off for the return was fantastic. It’s a shame it was spoiled though. I loved her as an antagonist in The Final Season but what’s even better is how she treats Clementine. They were once family and her reluctance to inflict pain on her, until she’s forced to at least, was played out perfectly. I do wish she got a better departure in Take Us Back though.


32 – David

He’s not your typical one-dimensional character or just a boring and ordinary villain, instead what you get with David is a touching and complex story. He’s a man that’s built for this world and tries to do whatever it takes to save his family. Yet, his previous experiences from war manipulated him into the person that he is and he can’t trust himself to be the man his family needs. It’s really good writing.


31 – Duck

Ah, Duck. The first annoying child in the franchise. I absolutely loved the detective scenes with him.


30 – Ben

I don’t think there’s been a more misjudged character in the franchise than Ben. Honestly, I think Ben is the epitome of how the average person in the apocalypse would behave. Scared and paranoid, but will also try to save the people they care about. Ben obviously deserves criticism for his involvement with the bandits, but he was trying to save the group and watching him defend himself in front of Kenny was emotional and powerful.


29 – Edith

She barely appears but what an incredible person. If you choose to go to Wellington she’ll help protect Clementine and AJ for two years while also allowing Kenny to keep the supplies – even though he said he’d return them. On the reverse side, if you remain loyal to Kenny, Edith will give Clementine and Kenny an extra bag worth of supplies. She barely features, but her impact and actions were amazing.


28 – Doug

He’s another one of the original characters and Doug was a useful and nice character in season 1. However, his impact doesn’t come close to Carley’s and I was one of the many people to choose her over Doug. Regardless, Doug was likeable.


27 – Walter

As far as permanent one episode characters go, Walter was one of my favourites in the franchise. He was such a loveable character and his interactions with everyone was so fun to experience. He served his purpose in season 2 but I do wish we saw more of how Walter dealt with Matthew’s death.


26 – Alvin

One of the only members of the cabin crew that’s nice to Clementine at first. I liked the tensions between Alvin and Carver and wish we got to see more of that.


25 – Jesus

It’s another character from the comics and I loved seeing Jesus appear during A New Frontier. His character was really cool in the game for what we saw of him but I do wish he had a lot more screentime.


24 – Conrad

Another character that deserved better. The decision to choose between Conrad and Clementine in Ties That Bind was absolutely ridiculous because a majority of players, including myself, missed out on an incredible character initially. Conrad’s character development throughout A New Frontier was fantastic and also it was a massive breath of fresh air to finally see a determinant character survive.


23 – Marlon

While Walter was one of my favourite one episode characters, Marlon was undoubtedly the best. His entire presence in Done Running was done to perfection in my opinion. He was a great leader of Ericson, his character was pretty engaging, and having a teenager be the leader of a community felt unique. The reveal of his involvement with the raiders was a big shock along with his sudden death at the end of the episode.


22 – Christa

Unlike what seems to be everyone, I never liked Christa that much. She was a pretty annoying character in season 1 and if it wasn’t for her taking care of Clem following Lee’s death I’d probably put her further down the list. She clearly blames Clementine for the deaths of her unborn child and Omid, and not including her as some sort of antagonist later on the game seems like wasted potential to me. I would’ve loved to see her in a position like Lilly.


21 – Pete

We’re back again with the “this character deserved better” and I really wish we got to see more of Pete. Once again, he was a lovely character and it’s his trust that helps Clementine join the cabin crew. It was annoying to see him die but the scene he shares with Clementine in the truck was pretty emotional.


20 – Minerva

WHAT. A. VILLAIN. To think there was a point that she wasn’t even going to be introduced. Minerva was a fantastic villain in the final season with many memorable moments. The reveal of her murdering Sophie was surprising and that whole bridge scene was done to perfection. Her importance to both Tenn and Violet was done well and I loved her character.


19 – Carley

Poor Carley but what a character. While Doug’s arc in the first season wasn’t that good, the development of Carley was a great part of the first season. She presents herself as a bit of a threat initially but if you do choose to save her the relationship she shares with Lee is pretty fun and I like how she encourages Lee to be honest about his past.


18 – Tripp

Just like with Ava, Tripp deserved better. Both of his deaths are a bit of a slap in the face which is a shame because I really liked him. Unlike in most communities, Tripp is always welcoming and he doesn’t even punish Clementine or Javi really following the Eli incident. His character development was pretty good apart from when he was with Eleanor.


17 – Ruby

Honestly, I never thought I’d like Ruby but she’s actually pretty sweet and an integral member of the Ericson group. She saved AJ’s life and probably played a crucial role in saving Clementine’s life which gives her bonus points. Apart from that, though, her backstory was a bit of a shock and I appreciated how she slowly grew towards Clementine and AJ through the episodes.


16 – Abel

I’m probably the only person in the world to say this but I loved Abel. Even though he was part of the Delta, I loved his character arc in The Final Season as well as his slight redemption story prior to his death. All he ever wanted to do was protect his home, and even after losing an arm, getting stabbed on multiple occasions, falling off a balcony, and even getting his leg snapped in half, he was still fighting to the very end and he tried to redeem himself for his crimes when facing death. Abel’s voice actor did a phenomenal job and the writers did a fantastic job writing him.


15 – Mitch

Following Marlon’s death in episode 1, I was a bit worried about how the game was going to handle the various members of Ericson towards Clementine and AJ. While I think some were poorly written, Mitch’s character was done to perfection. He doesn’t trust Clementine and AJ which is fully justified and gaining his trust in the greenhouse was a brilliant moment. Mitch served his purpose well but it is a shame he died because of Tenn.


14 – Aasim

What an unsung hero. Aasim never really had a massive impact in the final season yet I kind of love his character for that. He’s just an introverted yet highly knowledgeable member of the group who wants to keep updated on everything that happens and do whatever it takes to survive. Characters like Aasim are rare to come by in Telltale’s The Walking Dead, but he was very good.


13 – Rebecca

What a turn around. Rebecca was actually my least favourite character after the first episode in season 2 but watching her gain trust in Clementine as the episodes progressed was actually quite moving since she’s on the brink of becoming a mother herself. Clementine unfortunately never had a lot of female role models once the apocalypse began so I am glad that she began to develop a stronger bond with Rebecca and learn from her.


12 – Chuck

His introduction in the middle of episode 3 felt a bit sudden but the influence he had on the group in such a short amount of time was perfect. He helps encourage Lee to teach Clementine how to survive and he even sacrifices himself so Clem can live. He’s a man that appreciates the little things in life and I appreciate Charles.


11 – Jane

I know a lot of people absolutely hate Jane but I enjoyed her character for the most part. While she shares some traits to Molly in terms of her independence and sister-related backstory, I liked how her character stood out from everyone else in season 2. She saw something special in Clementine and like with Rebecca before, it was great watching Clementine learn from her in season 2. For what it’s worth, her death in season 3 was cheap, atrocious, and an awful way to kill off a cool character. She deserved better.


10 – Omid

Hands down the funniest character in the franchise. Omid was such a breath of fresh air and instantly had a positive impact on me back in season 1. His relationships with Lee and Christa were mostly hilarious and he was a nice and calm character.


9 – Luke

Easily one of the best characters in season 2. Just like with Pete, I loved Luke’s introduction in the franchise and I liked the humorous relationship that he shared with Clementine across season 2. While he does have his flaws, I couldn’t help but love his character and I wish he had a better departure in the finale of season 2.


8 – Carver

The. best. villain. in. the. franchise. Despite his little screentime in season 2, there hasn’t been a more chilling, threatening, yet fantastic villain in the franchise. Carver just had everything you wanted from a villain and I love how he had such a big impact on Clementine despite them being on opposite sides. The fact that Michael Madsen of all people voices Carver makes him even better, they couldn’t have chosen anyone better.


7 – Louis

He’s another one of the funny guys and unsurprisingly Louis was a great addition to the Ericson crew in the final season. He’s calm, optimistic, and hilarious and just like with Omid he felt like a breath of fresh air amongst the group. While I liked his character the best part of his development for me is how he handles Marlon’s death. He’s obviously furious and doesn’t trust Clementine and AJ at first, but watching him come to terms with the reality of the situation and trust the duo again was fantastic writing.


6 – Javi

I guess it’s not surprising that a playable character is so high up on my list but I really did enjoy Javi during season 3. Sure he doesn’t come close to Clementine and Lee in terms of the best protagonist, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was an interesting and cool character. The fact that we were able to play as him was great and I loved that he had a complex backstory as well as a preferred weapon in the apocalypse.


5 – Kenny

When it comes to Telltale’s The Walking Dead, I don’t think there’s a more controversial character than Kenny. In all my years talking about this game, I’ve only ever seen people say they love or hate Kenny – there’s never anything in between. He’s without a doubt the best written non-playable character in the franchise. In season 1, I absolutely hated how he’ll turn against you if you don’t side with him 24/7. Did you help save Duck’s life, defend his family, but also choose not to kill Larry? Well too bad because Kenny will just leave you for dead. My proper love for Kenny started in season 2 when he was able to fully redeem himself with Clementine. While he’s broken, a good man still exists within Kenny and the two Wellington endings are the perfect way to display this. Just like with Jane, he too deserved so much better in season 3.


4 – Violet

She just missed out on the top three but I loved Violet. On the premise, I thought we were going to be given yet another Molly or Jane type character, but she’s actually so much more. I think one of the reasons why I enjoyed and sided with Vi the most is that I can relate to her character. She’s presented with a cold and pessimistic demeanour, which does remain consistent throughout, yet as you learn more about her you realise how much she genuinely cares about others and why she acts and behaves the way she does. Watching her risk it all and go against her own friends just to protect Clementine and AJ was both powerful and moving, and unsurprisingly I loved her relationship with both Clem and AJ.


3 – Alvin Jr

Just like with his mother, all I can say is what a turn around for AJ. Prior to the final season, I didn’t really care a lot about AJ and even halfway through the season, he was never a legendary or iconic character in my mind like with Clementine and Lee. However, those two final episodes were simply the greatest for Alvin Jr. His character development in Broken Toys and Take Us Back was some of the best in the game and I’m actually really glad the writers proved me completely wrong about him. Most importantly, he even saved Clementine’s life which gives him bonus points. Unsurprisingly, I loved how he matured and grew in each episode and being able to play as him in the finale felt absolutely right.


2 – Lee

So close to number 1 and yet so far too. Lee, his relationship with Clementine, and Dave Fennoy too helped make Telltale’s The Walking Dead what it is today and he’s unsurprisingly one of my favourite video game protagonists of all time too. Lee is given a second chance at life to redeem himself for his previous crime, and he takes it on himself to protect people he barely knows and most importantly Clementine. Lee has everything you want to have in a fantastic protagonist. He’s got an interesting and complex backstory, he’s funny, charismatic, and in general just an enjoyable person. I’ve already said it, but Lee initially was Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and his ‘passing of the torch’ to Clementine was amazing. His death is without a doubt one of the most emotional in the franchise, and once again, his bond with Clementine was special. Thank you, Lee Everett.


1 – Clementine

Could it be anyone else? Of course, it’s Clementine. I’ve mentioned it before but Clementine is quite easily my favourite video game character of all time. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching her character grow and develop in the last seven years and I’m beyond happy that she was able to get a happy ending in Take Us Back. What I love most about her character is the fact that she’s essentially a combination of everything we’ve ever seen in the franchise. We’ve seen her at her weakest and we’ve seen her at her strongest. Clementine has the charm, humour, optimistic personality, yet we’ve also seen a hardened, pessimistic, and mature young woman who could definitely be a threatening antagonist and will do whatever it takes to survive. While each season has had its fair share of flaws, I honestly can’t think anything major to criticise Clem on. And on the topic of Clementine, I just have to give so much praise to Melissa Hutchison for her phenomenal work in these last seven years as Clementine. No video character has had more of an impact on me that Clementine, and thank’s to Lee, she is Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Thank you, for everything.


If you want to check out some of my video’s on the game then you can do so here!

5 thoughts on “Ranking EVERY character in Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

  1. Would you rank The Walking Dead: Michonne’s characters alongside these ones? Also, you forgot some characters haha.


    1. I mainly wanted to focus it on the core franchise which is why I left the Michonne series out. Also, apart from Michonne herself, there wasn’t any other character I liked so ranking them would’ve been even more difficult. Who else did I miss out?


      1. Sorry for the late reply, but there was Beatrice, and a few named bandits named Gary, Drew, and Linda.


      2. And there’s Jean, Sam, Lowell, Vera, Tisha, and Tyler. That should be everyone we see alive I believe. (So named walkers or animals we never see in-person are excluded).


      3. Lastly (I’m forgetful lol), there’s Rodney, Annie, and Maybelle. I’d recommend using the wiki in case you forget a lot of these characters, which will probably happen. Now *that* should be everyone we see alive on-screen that is named.


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