Five Arsenal players that have a point to prove in pre-season.

It’s been a long wait but Arsenal is finally back in action. After an underwhelming year, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and look towards the new Premier League season. Following a third successive season of qualifying for Europa League football, the demands of Champions League football and the improvement in player performances grows stronger. With that being said, the following looks at five players that will have a point to prove to everyone this pre-season.

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Arsenal’s Weekly Transfer Round-Up, 12th July

Well… the timing couldn’t have been much worse. After a promising start to July, the second week hasn’t been able to live up to expectations. There are no new signings on the horizon and there are even more problems for Arsenal to try and overcome. But anyway, here is the round-up of this week’s transfer headlines:



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Five additions EA should make to Pro Clubs in FIFA 20 and beyond

It’s the game mode that has helped create many memorable moments in the past and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Despite being around for approximately a decade, FIFA’s Pro Clubs game mode hasn’t experienced the same amount of major changes in comparison to their other big game modes in Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

It’s time for a change. Pro Clubs has so much unlocked potential and it’s time for EA to make the most of this. There are so many different ways in which EA can alter or improve the current state of Pro Clubs and today I’ll be sharing five things I would like to see added to Pro Clubs in FIFA 20 and beyond…

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